Two more games!

We have recently released two more mobile games – Space Barrage and Gravity Squad! Both are free and can be downloaded from either Google Play, the Amazon App Store, or iTunes.

Space Barrage Links




Gravity Squad Links





Galaxy Traders

Lately, we have been working on and have just released our second game titled Galaxy Traders for both Android and Apple devices.

Galaxy Traders is a fun strategy game that is simple to learn but difficult to master. Your goal is simple, you have a student loan to repay and all you have is a spaceship (that was given to you by your school). What you decide to do with this ship is up to you. You could travel to different planets, buy and sell goods to earn a profit, or you can use the ship and engage in combat versus enemy crafts.

The game boasts many more features. You can find out more information at its respective store pages.

Google Play

Amazon Appstore


Galaxy Breakers

Our first mobile game Galaxy Breakers will be releasing soon to both the Android and iOS marketplaces. Links will be posted once they go live.

Galaxy Breakers is an arcade breakout style game that features over 140 stages. A couple things that make GB different from other brick breaking games. First, every level is unique. We didn’t want to go to for the same uninspired layout employed by every other breakout game where bricks are placed around the stages in abstract patterns but wanted to show off some pixel art. Despite being somewhat limited given only up to 12×18 bricks could be placed per stage the results came out pretty good and for a game with as many levels as ours there’s a lot of variety in the art.

Second is the soundtrack. The game comes with 5 originally composed tracks (some music contribution were provided by Alex “Wareya” Nadeau and you can visit his soundcloud here) with more tracks to possibly be added in future updates. We wanted to try our hand at making our own music but instead of just uploading the tracks onto sites like youtube we decided to make a game and include the music in that. Indeed in the end it was more work but going through the entire process of creating your own game was a good experience.

Here’s a look at the official trailer that shows off the stages look like and the music.

There are a lot more ideas and features we’d like to add to the game but for now we’re going to sit back and see how release and post-launch goes. We also have some ideas brewing for other types of games. Our design philosophy is simple. We make games we want to play. If the game is fun for us, chances are it will be fun for others too.

Galaxy Breakers was developed by Lai Mobile Games, but that’s an unincorporated name so really it was developed by Hong Lai and Richard Lai.