Below are a list of games we have developed at Lai Mobile Games.



Our first game is titled Galaxy Breakers. It’s a space-themed brick breaking game similar to the classic arcade breakout games such as Arkanoid. The full game features over 140 stages, 3 speed levels, a variety of power ups, 5 ship/paddle designs and a full soundtrack. It also comes with HD graphics and can be played on tablets.

The game is cross-platform and available at the following stores.

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Our second game is titled Galaxy Traders. It is a strategy games based on a simple concept. Buy low and sell high in an attempt to make as much money as possible. Although the core gameplay idea can be simple, we added a lot of cool features to the game that adds to the complexity of the game. Aside from trading goods you can engage in combat with enemy spaceships, there are multiple planets you can visit each with their own unique offers. There are upgrades you can purchase for your ship, classmates you can recruit to assist you, and character traits that alter the gameplay and can affect how you play every game. There are even 30 different hats in the game for you to collect. The game comes free of ads and banners, in HD and is built for both phones and tablets.

Galaxy Traders is cross-platform and available at the following stores.

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Built with Corona SDK