Pro Tip Series – Quantum Reaction Part 1

In the overview, I outlined the basic mechanics of Quantum Reaction. With that in place, I will be covering strategic considerations, attack paths, and AP conservation.

Check out the Quantum Reaction Overview here if you missed it.

Strategic Considerations

From the surface, playing this game is simple. Just swing your ship around hitting the most amount dots as possible. The problem with this approach is that you tend to waste a lot of AP, and run out of dots to go for quickly.

The key to getting a high score is balancing going for chain combos to get score multipliers and having enough time to go for score.

If you only go for a high combo, your score multiplier will not increase at all until you allow the combo to end and you won’t have much time to get stuff afterwards. On the other hand, if you only go for short combos, your score multiplier will increase by a paltry amount.

In general, you want to keep the combo tiers in mind when going for combos. For example, if you’re going for a 50+ chain combo, you can allow the combo meter to end instead of going for more hits. There’s no point in hitting the overflow unless you’re going for the next tier of rewards.

Attack Paths

In this section, I will list different things you can attack and reasons why you want to go for those attacks.

  1. Cross/Diagonal bombs. These are the best things to aim for to get explosions across the board to both increase your chain combo and get high scores. If they aren’t going to hit anything nearby, it is best to save these for later.
  2. Large clumps of dots. This is the next best thing to aim for combos and score.
  3. Score multipliers. When they are floating around, you want to go for the highest ones whenever possible. Of note, these do not reset your combo meter, so you usually want to get these when they overlap with some dots.
  4. AP gems. These will help fuel you back up. You don’t actually have to attack these directly. If you hit them off of explosions, you will still gain the AP. Therefore, you can hit these as tertiary targets and still get advantage.
  5. Nothing. Typically, you don’t want to make a move that hit nothing, because it doesn’t reset your combo timer, and uses up AP. However, you might want to do this for positioning purposes.

AP Conservation

It is very important to save your AP for when it matters. The worst feeling is when your combo dies because you don’t have enough AP to hit something nearby to reset it. Here are a couple tips for managing your AP:

  • Before you make your move, check to see if you can shorten it slightly to spend less AP. Your entire ship is a hitbox, so you can take the smallest move possible to get where you want to be.
  • Wait a bit before taking your next move. This gives you a bit of time to regenerate some AP. If you always move immediately, you will quickly burn through your AP, which will put you in a bad spot.
  • Go for AP gems that are one AP away. When you do this, it is essentially a free move. This keeps your AP at parity, and keeps your chain combo alive.
  • Don’t go for unnecessarily long moves. I find that long moves are worth it if they are simultaneously hitting score multipliers on the way over. You also want to hit some AP gems to offset the cost. Otherwise, you’re draining your resources for future moves.

In the next part, I will be covering timing and advanced strategies.


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