Pro Tip Series: Quantum Reaction Overview


Before I get too in-depth into Quantum Reaction strategy, I will be going through the basic mechanics.

In this post, I will cover controls, action points, and scoring.


Playing this game is quite simple. Touch and drag the ship to plan your move, and release to move. The line connecting the start and end points is where your ship will attack through. While you’re planning your move, time is frozen, so you can take as much time as you need to plan your move.

If you want to cancel your move, you can either release near your ship, or overlap a wall.

Whenever you hit a dot, it will explode and hit other nearby dots.

Action Points

One of the unique mechanics of the game are Action Points (AP). Moving your ship uses AP. The further you move, the more AP you consume. You can see how much AP you will use while planning your move.


There are two ways to regain AP. You can wait and regenerate AP over time, or you can destroy AP gems to gain 1 AP.


The other unique mechanic of Quantum Reaction is how scoring works. There are two bars you will need to keep track of. The first is the Score Multiplier meter, and the second is the Chain Combo meter.

Each dot will give you a single point multiplied by your current score multiplier. To achieve as high of a score as possible, you will want to combine hitting big clumps of dots with having a high score multiplier.

Whenever you destroy a dot, it will increase your chain combo by 1 and reset the Chain Combo timer. When your Chain Combo hits zero, score multipliers will spawn. The following chart shows how much you get based on how big your Chain Combo is:


Next post I will talk more about intermediate strategies, attack paths, and AP conservation.


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