Pro Tip Series: Galaxy Traders Part 2

If you have followed the first part of pro tips, you will have a great idea of how to make money. The only problem is, how are you supposed to spend it? Eventually repair costs and high level aliens will kick your ass.

In this next part, I will talk about Shop & Upgrades, a few Traits, and good Trait combos.

Shop & Upgrades


The Repair Kit is similar in usage as the Torpedos. You can use them to survive a lethal hit and leapfrog versus hard enemies. Depending on your playstyle, you may want to get these if you want to play it safe. This becomes much better if you have good accuracy, because you can then reliably kill the enemy after repairing. If you can kill them quickly after repairing, it will save you the additional costs of repairing at the shop.


The Warp Drive is expensive, but it is worth it if you’re going for a minimal combat build. Getting an unlucky streak while trying to retreat against enemies, especially ‘Quick’ prefixed ones, really sucks. It’s better to be safe than sorry if you can afford it. Think of it as a get of jail free card.

If you’re looking to purchase upgrades soon, try planning your trade route so that you land on the right planet when you need it. That way you won’t waste extra days flying towards the desired planet.


The best time to buy cargo upgrades is when you have enough money to spend on filling up that extra space with more than just Firestone and Adamantite. Cargo upgrades are for maximizing visits to the market. So if you can only fill up that extra space with Firestone, it will take a lot longer for you to pay off the difference.

icon_shield1-hd icon_weapon1-hd

Level 1 Shield and Weapon upgrades are excellent early game purchases due to their low cost and how much difference they make.


Most times level 2 Speed upgrade will suffice for most of the game, but if you are often retreating from enemies, you may want to buy level 3.


If you are getting Crew Capacity upgrades, always remember the extra $5000 ($2500 x 2) you will need to pay the recruits for the accuracy upgrade to take effect. If you want immediate benefit, go for the Weapon or Shield upgrades first.

icon_cloak-hd  icon_treasure-hdicon_shieldleech-hd

Sirra sells 3 specialty upgrades, Cloak, Treasure Hunter, and Shield Leech. Cloak is extremely good for both combat and non-combat strategies. However, it can be cheaper to just buy Warp Drives for non-combat builds. Treasure Hunter is a late game option to try to maximize your score after you’ve stabilized your debt and can take care of most high-level enemies. Shield Leech is a very good upgrade for combat strategies. It pays for itself pretty quickly when you have a high tier repair cost.


Glass Cannon:


The cargo ship starts with a higher base attack damage but it also starts with lower shields.

Biggest priority is to buy level 1 Shields as soon as possible, preferably after beating rival classmates and taking some damage, so you can auto repair that damage.

Start the game on Academy and recruit 2 classmates immediately. Extra accuracy is important to make your shots count
After level 1 Shields, next most important upgrade is level 1 Weapons. This will allow you to leapfrog harder enemies and get extra money.

Crew Quarters upgrades are very good for the next upgrade because they are cheaper than level 2 Shields/Weapons.

Hot Headed:


Increases the ship’s attack damage by 75% whenever shields fall below half. However, accuracy will be lowered by 15% in this state.

Your biggest priority will be buying Shield and Crew Capacity upgrades. This trait is very luck based, so you need to survive long enough to get the enemy down into one-shot territory.

It may be in your best interest to buy a Torpedo or two just in case. You can’t always rely on your Hot Headed shot to take over, so taking the safe route with a consistent 50 damage can be smart.



Steal money from enemies whenever you successfully retreat from combat however enemy ships deal 10% more damage.

This gives you a more steady income because you will be making money off of most encounters.

Bank upgrades are another good route to take because they don’t increase your ship level, making repairs less costly.

Biggest early game upgrade priority is level 1 Speed. This improves your chance to retreat as well as give you more days to work with overall.

You can eventually transition to buying combat upgrades when you have enough money.

Born Rich:


Begin the game with extra money, but all bank and shop upgrades and consumable items are 10% more expensive.

This trait will give you a very strong early game that tapers off the further you get. The main goal with this trait is to use that starting bonus to leapfrog you past the stronger enemies, so you don’t have to worry about that extra upgrade cost penalty eating up your money.

You can use the extra money you start with for a number of different things depending on your preference, and what your other trait is.

Generally, you can pay off some of your starting debt right off the bat.

An early weapon and crew upgrade are the best options to increase your damage potential.



Decreases the rate of encounters as well as increasing your chance to retreat but your attacks deal 20% less damage.

This is an amazing trait if you have no intention of fighting enemies or purchasing combat upgrades. It gives you a more stress-free experience where you can focus on market trading.

Trait Combos

Glass Cannon + Hot Headed:

  • Tough early game, but very dominant late game.
  • While Hot Headed is active with level 3 Weapons, you deal the most damage in the game.
  • Concentrate on getting Shields, Weapons, and Crew upgrades early
  • Weak attacks while less than 50% shields is very good because it offsets some of the accuracy penalty.

Glass Cannon + Natural Leader:

  • This combination is probably the overall strongest combat build in the game, but it has a slow progression. It is more suitable for longer games (180+).

Glass Cannon + Born Rich:

  • Use the extra starting cash to buy early upgrades, shield level 1 being the most important. This will pay off for itself very quickly as you will be able to fight most early enemies instead of retreating.

Agile Pilot + Pickpocket:

  • Has good synergy because the extra dodge gives you more chances to retreat in case of failure.
  • Very steady combination that is relatively stress free. You don’t have to spend much on combat related upgrades, because you will be retreating from almost every battle.
  • You will have to be careful if you do take hits though, because you will take extra damage and will have to pay more for repairs.

Bargain Hunter + Pacifist/Born Rich:

  • This is another non-combat strategy that emphasizes diversifying your stock.
  • If you take the Pacifist path, start off with buying cheap-mid level commodities. If you take the Born Rich path, you can gamble on green sale high-level commodities because you have more spending money to start off with.

Well, that about wraps up the Pro Tip series for Galaxy Traders. My 180 day high score is $612,124. Can you beat that?

Next time in the Pro Tip Series, I will be going into detail in our newest game, Quantum Reaction, and some of the sick strats you can employ in it.


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